Zach ****, 16, Männlich, Vereinigte Staaten

your facial structure is just the most god-awful thing I’ve ever seen. God was shit-faced and thinking about the movie „leprichaun in the hood“ when he created your face. your forehead is is widest ive ever seen, your eye-brows make your eyes look evil your nose looks tiny in comparisson to your massive cheek-bones and your have a butt-chin. You may be ripped, but you seriously looked busted. and you can stop trying to do a smolder cause it is NOT working for you pft haha. And if you are as smart as you look, then that explains alot, although I already knew you were a moron because 1) you support Obama and 2) you decided to put all of these big words you found on together in one sentence. And this convo has been over for days, so goodbye now. and your welcome for the constructive criticism, althought I guess you can’t really fix the fact that your face is fucked up! so go play with your queen drag bf and find new color schemes for your shitty starter apartment. and keep on supporting your shit president. cause its gonna help you ALOT when our country is in even worse shape because this imbosol with no proper experience with ANYTHING decided he wanted to be the first black president. that was probobly his ONLY reason for running. he has never even had a proper job before running for office. and all of America is stupid for voting for him JUST for being black. because now all the people that voted for him for that particular reason are now regretting it. and you can beleive the polls all you want that are saying Obama is leading, but the day the results are said will be the only day that matters. and I should have known that Obama would have picked a major democratic corporation from spain to count our votes. so for all we know, they could be rigging the election. for a dumbass president who has fucked up SO bad. China practically OWNS us because we are so in debt to them. ugh people like you are the reason our country is a joke. congrats. and you can listen to that fugly hairy arab-indian monkey all you want. the only reason he thinks you’re sexy is because you’re al half-step above everyone else he has ever been with, that is if he has EVER been with anyone pft LOL. so BAM. and actually, you are a disgrace to gay. you are the reason that people hate us because im sure all you do all day is go to clubs, drink and get boned up the ass, march around city hall protesting why guns are bad and how guns kill people, and not people kill people. andh how eating at chickfila is wrong, and you probobly go to pride wearing a feathered tutu. so you are the reason we are laughed at. so there. this convo is over because i just handed your pimply fake spray tanned loose ass to you. DUECES bitch. OBAMA 2012! CAN WE DO IT? OH YES WE CAN. hahaa omg i can’t…. bye now.

ps: gracejones.gif als avatar

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